Google Analytics Conversion Goals for Intaker

Learn more about how you can create goals in Google Analytics to track your conversion with Intaker. We fire events to your Google Analytics and then based on those events you can set your goals.

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How to Create Conversion Goals for Intaker Events in Google Analytics

To see these events you need to login to GA, go to Behavior tab > Events > Overview

If you can't see Intaker events in your Google Analytics account, go to this article to start integrating your Intaker with Google Analytics.

If you are seeing Intaker events under events menu, it means the events are being fired. In order to set a goal, you need to define one of these events as a Goal on GA. On GA dashboard > Go to Admin > Click Goals > Then, New Goal and then set-up your new goal:

Goal Set-up: Custom

Goal Description:

  • Name: Intaker Goal
  • Type: Event

Goal Details: Use the following event attributes and make sure you get the spelling right. This field is also case sensitive (there is no space between phone and captured):

  • Event Category: Intaker
  • Event Action: Chat
  • Event labels: PhoneCaptured

Click here to learn more about how you can import Google Analytics Intaker conversions to your Google Ads account.

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