How to Add Intaker to a WordPress Website

Learn how to add Intaker to your WordPress site by copying and pasting a piece of custom code.

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1. From within Intaker navigate to Bots > Embed in Website

2. Copy the Intaker Code Snippet

3. Login to your WordPress dashboard
4. Go to the Plugins section from the main menu

5. Click Add New

6. Click Upload Plugin

7. Download this Intaker Plugin file on your computer

8. Click on Upload Plugin, then click on Choose File. Find and open, the file you just downloaded, then hit Install Now.

9. Once you have the plugin installed, click Activate Plugin

10. Connect your Intaker account with your WordPress Intaker Plugin. Move the cursor to Settings and then click on Intaker for Attorneys

11. Copy and Paste the Code Snippet you got the first section of this tutorial into the text box and hit Save Settings.

12. You are all set! You may now go to your website and check if Intaker widget is activated.

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