Multiple Domain or Subdomain

Attach a primary bot to all of your domains and subdomains.

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How to Attach a Primary Bot to Multiple Domains or a Subdomain:

Navigate to the "bots" section of your Intaker dashboard. Select "embed on website." Underneath each domain is a drop-down list of bots, you get to choose the primary bot associated with each domain.

For example, if you have a page for personal injury, you could make a bot with prompts specific to that practice area and add it to the PI page.

You can also add exception rules based on the location or URL, which has a variety of use cases depending on your firm's needs.


Be aware of the "contains" rule. If another domain or subdomain uses the same letter combo you have selected, the rule will apply to both.

Pro Tips:

  • The "ends with" condition is for when someone wants to show a bot on a specific page because you can guarantee there will not be any subfolders.
  • Use the priority button to rank the importance rules. If a page has multiple conflicting rules, the site will decide what to display for the user based on which rule is ranked higher.
  • You can temporarily deactivate a rule, for example, if you are testing a new one but haven’t decided if you want it live on the site.

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