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Allow website visitors to call your firm with the click of a button.

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How to Add Phone Widget:

1. Go to the "bots" page within the Intaker dashboard.

2. From the sidebar, select "homepage" and then "appearance." Or use the drop-down on the top right-hand side of the homepage bot as an alternate route to "appearance."

3. Select "advanced" then "phone widget" from the top header of the appearance page.

4. Move the slider to "on" to activate the phone widget.

5. To edit the associated phone number, click the pencil icon. Ideally, the number should be the same as your text line for Intaker.

6. You can also adjust the positioning and which corner of the page it appears by selecting one of the preset format options. Remember to save and publish all changes.


You want the phone number to match your text line for Intaker, NOT your firm number, because the Intaker number automatically creates a lead and captures the caller ID.

Pro Tip:

If someone requests a call back it will be added as an activity in your Intaker dashboard.

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