Sorting Prompts

You might want to change the order of prompts depending on their conversion rate or importance. The prompts at the beginning of the chat should be the ones you want to answer most. That way, if someone logs off midway through, you still have most of the necessary information.

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How to Sort Bot Prompts:

On the bots page, click the drop-down arrow on the top corner of any bot whose prompts you'd like to sort. You will see a button for "prompts." Another way to access prompts is by clicking on the name of any of the bots on the sidebar. Drag and drop them into your preferred order to sort the prompts.

Pro Tip:

Next to each prompt is a conversion score telling you how well that prompt performs. When you first set up your Intaker account, organize the prompts based on importance. After a couple of months, come back and edit the order based on conversions.

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