Google Analytics Integration for Intaker

Learn more about how Google Analytics integrates with Intaker. Analyze details about your website visitors to better understand your target audience and meet their needs.

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How to Integrate Google Analytics with Intaker:

1. Sign in to your Analytics account.

2. Click “Admin”.

3. Select an account from the menu in the ACCOUNT column.

4. Select a property from the menu in the PROPERTY column.

5. Under PROPERTY, click Tracking Info > Tracking Code. Your Tracking ID is displayed at the top of the page.

6. Paste your Tracking ID in Intaker's Google Analytics Integration page in your dashboard.

How Intaker events work in Google Analytics:

Event Category: Intaker

Event Action: Chat

Event labels:

1. startConversation: When a new chat is started

2. PhoneCaptured: When a phone number is captured from the prospect (usually counts as lead conversion for law firms)

3. EmailCaptured: When an email address is captured from the prospect (might count as lead conversion for other types of businesses)

To learn more about creating conversion goals from Intaker events read this article.

Please note:

New Google Analytics 4 Intaker is out now! See the article "GA4 Integration for Intaker" to learn more.

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