How Phone Widget Leads Appear in Your Dashboard

Read the article below to learn where phone widget leads come from and how they appear in your Intaker dashboard.

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You might have been wondering, where do phone numbers and names without a prompt come from in my leads list? These are phone widget leads (the green phone button on your website).

Suppose the lead clicks the phone widget while on the cell phone. The call is then transferred directly to your office. We do not gather any information other than their phone number. If you open the lead, it should look similar to this:

If the lead clicks the phone button but is not on their cell phone or on a device that can make calls, we ask for their name and phone number. Your office should receive an email or text notification with the name and phone, letting you know that this lead is requesting a callback.

The lead will look like this inside the dashboard:

So, as you can see, the lead does not interact with the chatbot. Therefore, there is no prompt name, as they did not choose a prompt.

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