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Give character to your business by giving it an on-brand organization profile photo.

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How to Set Up Organization Profile:

Navigate to "settings" within the Intaker dashboard. Under the "organization" header, you will see "organization profile," click here to get started. You can add an organization logo by selecting "edit photo."

You can also add your organization name, website URL, phone number, zip code, and organization link. Remember to save all changes.


  • Optimize the logo for best results. While the max size is 8MB, you should aim for under 20KB.
  • If you change your organization link, all pages with the old link will become inactive.

Pro Tips:

  • The organization logo will appear when your Intaker chat is loading for site visitors.
  • Use the link here to optimize your image size.
  • If you only choose to fill out a few fields, we recommend prioritizing "phone number" and "organization link."
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