Understanding Usage and Visitor Limits

In the dynamic digital world, seeing an increase in your website's traffic is a sign of your business's growth and success. At Intaker, we understand that reaching your unique visitor limit isn't a cause for alarm, but rather a positive indicator of your expanding online presence. Our approach is to help you navigate this scenario with ease and optimism. Here's how you can confidently manage the situation when your Intaker usage limit on visitors is reached.

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Understanding Unique Visitor Limits:

  • A unique visitor, in the context of website traffic, is an individual who visits your site, counted just once in a specific timeframe. At Intaker our time frame is one year. So if a user visits your site multiple times within a year we count it as one unique visit. This metric helps you gain a clear understanding of your audience's size and engagement levels. Reaching your visitor limit signifies your website's growing appeal and reach, a milestone to be celebrated.

Monitoring Your Usage:

  • We provide a straightforward way to track your usage within your Intaker dashboard. This feature is there to give you a transparent view of your visitor numbers, enabling you to see firsthand the growth in your audience engagement. You can access this in Settings > Plan Usage or Analytics Tab.

Receiving a 80% Usage Notification:

  • To keep you well-prepared, we'll notify you via email when you reach 80% of your visitor limit on your plan. This early heads-up is our way of helping you stay informed and ready for any necessary adjustments, turning what could be a stressful situation into a manageable and positive one.

Embracing Over-Limit as a Growth Indicator:

  • Reaching your limit means your website is thriving! While your leads will be locked in Intaker once the limit is exceeded (visible but not accessible in detail), this is not a setback. It's a clear sign that your business is attracting more interest than anticipated, offering an opportunity for further expansion and adaptation. You can be rest assured that Intaker will never stop capturing leads and any locked leads is recoverable with a small upgrade. Enabling Intaker to grow with your firm means the company will have the capital sourced from customers to keep rolling out new features and innovations moving forward. Our goal is to equip our customers with best in class marketing automation and technology tools not just now but anytime in the future.

Taking Action After Reaching Your Limit:

  • This is where the excitement begins. If your visitor numbers are exceeding expectations, it's time to consider expanding your capacity. You can easily get in touch with our support team at support@intaker.me. We're ready to guide you through options to increase your limit, ensuring that your growing business doesn't miss a beat.

Opting for Automatic Upgrades:

  • To ensure uninterrupted growth, consider opting into automatic upgrades. This option allows your services to scale seamlessly with your business, keeping you one step ahead at all times.

Remember, at Intaker, we see your success as our success. High website traffic is a positive sign, indicative of your business's impact and reach. We're here to support you in embracing and capitalizing on this growth. For any further assistance or queries, our dedicated customer success team is always at your service.

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