Page Exception Rules

Change which bot displays on a page if specific rules get met.

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How to Edit Page Rules:

Navigate to the "bots" section of the Intaker dashboard. From the top header, select "embed on website." Underneath the domain, click "add an exception or rule." Choose the rule type "URL" and determine a condition depending on your needs. Enter the keywords and select which bot to apply these conditions. Remember to save.

Pro Tips:

  • Use the "duplicate" feature to create a second bot with the same conditions as the first and make any necessary changes to avoid creating new bots by hand every time.
  • A use case for the "duplicate" feature is when you want a page to show up in a different language and location. Duplicate your current homepage, change some of the messaging to fit an audience in Mexico, and set the location parameters. It will be essentially the same homepage US visitors see information-wise but custom-tailored to your audience in Mexico.
  • When to use the different URL conditions:

- Contains: for a keyword or number of characters

- Starts with: for an entire folder

- Ends with: for a specific page

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