Background Picture for Bot Landing Page

To customize the background image for your bot landing page to make it more reflective of your law firm.

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How to Change Background Picture for Bot Landing Page:

1. Go to the "bots" page within the Intaker dashboard.

2. From the sidebar, select "homepage" and then "appearance." Or use the drop-down on the top right-hand side of the homepage bot as an alternate route to "appearance."

3. From the top header, choose "advanced" then "background."

4. Remember to save and publish changes at the end.


Image must be under 4MB and in landscape format.

Pro Tips:

  • Click "optimize the image" to be directed to a page where you can optimize the Photo for loading speed.
  • The bot will appear in the center of the photo. Check to make sure that the bot will not block people or text before publishing.

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