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Create a visual association for potential leads and clients.

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How to Add a Profile Picture or Video:

There are two ways to get to the profile picture section. To start, navigate to the "bots" page within the Intaker dashboard.

From the sidebar, select "homepage" and then "appearance." Or, you can click on the drop-down arrow on the top right corner of the homepage bot and select "appearance" from there. From the top header, select "profile picture."

You will see buttons to "change photo" or select an avatar. There is also a slider to enable your interactive video as a profile gif (this feature is only available once you upload a video). Remember to press "save" and "publish now" for your changes to appear on the website.


If your video doesn't look centered as a profile picture, click edit under "widget video from first dialog," and you'll be able to crop, trim, and adjust the clip.

Pro Tips:

  • The color should not be the same as the primary color of your website. It's better to be eye-catching and stand out.
  • Video is the most engaging, and the avatar is the least. People prefer to see an actual photo or video of the person they will be working with to build trust and credibility.
  • The videos only add value to your website; they never slow down the loading speed.
  • Using the interactive video as your profile picture, you can select "edit" to crop and move the Image.
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