Last Dialog with Interactive Video

The last dialog is the final message users will see after completing the chat. You can change the messaging and record an outro.

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How to Add Last Dialog with Interactive Video:

There are two ways to get to the last dialog with interactive video. To start, navigate to the "bots" page within the Intaker dashboard.

From the sidebar, select "homepage" and then "appearance." Or, you can click on the drop-down arrow on the top right corner of the homepage bot and select "appearance" from there. From the top header, select "last dialog."

When it comes to the interactive video, there are two options: record or upload. The most common option is to record in the dashboard. All you have to do is press the "record" button, go through the prompts, and hit "save."

If you already have a video you'd like to save to your device, choose "upload" and "save." Remember to publish all changes once done.


All video content will appear in your recordings library; make sure you choose the right video.

Pro Tips:

  • Video must be under 100MB, and the recommended ratio is 9:16.
  • Make sure your face is within the outlined parameters.
  • You'll have to approve access to audio and video when you record.
  • If you upload your video rather than record it in the dashboard, you will have the option to crop and trim.
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