Confirmation Emails

Send a follow-up email as soon as they've completed the chat.

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How to Enable Confirmation Emails:

1. There are two ways to get to "conversion settings" where you can turn on "follow-up email." To start, navigate to the bots page.

2. You then can either select one of the bots from the sidebar and choose the "preference" drop-down or click the down arrow on the top right corner of your preferred bot and select "preferences."

3. Choose "advanced preferences" at the bottom of the page. You will then see the option to turn on "follow-up email" by moving the slider.

4. Click the pencil icon if you'd like to customize the messaging.

5. Press save.


The email reply defaults to the admin's email but can be changed by clicking the pencil icon and editing the "reply-to" field.

Pro Tip:

You can change the default email, subject, and body of the text.

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